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Castelli SIIS

The Catholic Community is active and thriving. Committed to thousands of daily activities the religious and faithful live and work in environments which have always welcomed them. Churches, homes, residences, schools, hospitals. Wherever the community gathers in the name of the Lord, He is present. It is in these places, in these environments that Christian values have been shared long before reaching us.

The legacy of the Church is a true testimony of the presence of God. Since the beginning, those who live in and govern its treasures do so with the scope of preserving and transferring them to those who are to follow. This is a commitment to the Lord and to those who believe in Him, lived in respect for all things which belong to a community which has always been looking, in faith, towards the future.

The commitment and care with which the Church’s representatives manage its real estate properties and assets can be seen even in the tiniest daily actions. All gestures which signify detailed attention. Small actions taken for the preservation and the protection of what Providence has bestowed upon the inhabitants of the earth, done in such a way as to ensure that these treasures, which belonged to the first Christians, will continue to be passed on, in their full beauty and value, to those who next will be called upon for their care.

Castelli SIIS, a construction company which for many years has been tied to the Catholic community, has always been committed to the protection of Church’s heritage; a continuation of the longstanding service of the Castelli family which began in 1877 when Pope Pious XI gave the task to construct and restore a large part of Vatican City.

The latest generations continue to ensure that the Company does not fall prey to compromises often found in today’s unscrupulous enterprise reality, thereby always searching, in the old-fashioned values of their forefathers, a unique style of company management whereby ethics guides all the important choices to be made.

Castelli SIIS operates in Italy and abroad and handles both important projects as well as routine maintenance.

Its knowledge of the Church community ensures that Castelli SIIS always works truly close to religious and ecclesiastic organisations in all project development phases, budgeting, construction timelines, administrative procedures and, naturally, in the execution of all work projects.

The sharing and respect for the values of the Christian community has thus become a daily work commitment. The sense of ethics with which Castelli SIIS operates is directly translated into the company’s relationship with its employees, ensuring first and foremost worker safety and protection.

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Castelli SIIS fulfils its operations in total respect for those who must live in the settings where construction projects take place. Detailed attention towards the functions and activities taking place forms part of the primary obligations of those of us who are aware that they are guests in other’s Homes. During the work in progress, there is never a displacement of the community, but rather great homage towards it.

The devotion paid to these environments is translated into the firm resolution to contribute, in concrete terms, to the future of the Christian community.

The sharing of the same objectives drives Castelli SIIS to work together with the organisations, in solidarity, towards their full participation in all decision-making and construction phases: during the development of work in progress and in round table discussions. All this is done so that the final outcome can be lived and celebrated as a communal success to which all have contributed, in various skills and competencies, with the gratification of knowing that the finished project belongs to everyone.

The capacity to know and interpret the needs of the religious community is what distinguishes Castelli SIIS, which provides services and optimised time-quality ratios. This know-how translates into improved efficiency. Remaining close to the charisma of each congregation and order, Castelli SIIS interprets their unique needs in order to complete works of grand decor and simplicity.

On another note Castelli SIIS is registered with the National Construction Developers Association in the G1 category (general contracting) and in the G2 category (monument restorations). This signifies that the company is authorised to effect changes to prised as well as historically and architecturally valued real estate properties which are normally required to proceed under the discipline of the Building Authority.

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