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Il Consulente RE


The roots of the Church are founded on the history of every single person who has contributed to its development and ensured that it has remained whole and united up to the present day. It is a history made up of friendship, of men and women who together have worked towards this very objective.

Il Consulente RE, an affiliate company of the RE Group, bases its activities on strong conscientious beliefs. Those who take part are first and foremost Catholic professionals who know and understand the world of the Church with which they have always shared common objectives, areas of intervention, values and culture. They are people who work to serve religious and ecclesiastic organisations, day after day coming closer to and consolidating a relationship which was borne long before their professional life began.

The sharing of the objectives of the Church is the key element binding a friendship which has found in Il Consulente RE a natural professional outlet. In order to cultivate this friendship Il Consulente RE has set up personnel and offices across the whole country, thereby acting as a concrete support to religious and ecclesiastic organisations, always ready to take on any need which arises.

Il Consulente RE represents in fact a daily, personal means of direct dialogue and contact with the Church which has always shown its faith in humankind, in the professionals and laypeople who work by its side; it represents an active commitment to offering one’s unique competencies every time they are needed; actions which directly translate into a responsible relationship based on trust, and which inspires religious and ecclesiastic organisations towards a spirit of co-operation with those persons who are willing to do everything possible in order to find the best solution to their problems.

Il Consulente RE offers clearly defined support and solutions to the multitude of activities run by the Church. This results in an effective and efficient consulting relationship which allows RE Group to activate the most appropriate services as needed. Always maintaining complete respect for discreteness and confidentiality, the efficiency of the consulting is based on the keen knowledge of the specific needs, and the sharing of the objectives of the Church and of the community it forms a part of.

Il Consulente RE makes the appropriate mix of competencies of the RE Group available to the Church for problems of an economic, financial, real estate, management or fiscal nature. It offers ethical and professional solutions and opportunities across diverse sectors. Its presence across Italy allows Il Consulente RE to assist congregations and orders wherever they are situated; Il Consulente RE also guarantees its support services to organisations with offices located abroad.

The consulting services and advice offered by Il Consulente RE are made possible by the collaboration of qualified professionals: in construction work for the renovations or ex novo constructions of real estate properties and equipment; in management control or in fiscal and administrative procedures to verify that the correct protocols are being followed; or should a collaboration be needed to develop an effective communications to support new initiatives, such as in the case of the valorisation of Church property or special events, through tourism channels or promotions;    Il Consulente RE can help to obtain the financing needed to support and maintain the numerous activities of religious and ecclesiastic organisations, such as holiday residences; it is a faithful, close and constant support for updating on legislative and other important issues often difficult to comprehend.

Il Consulente RE operates according to a clear set of principles and moral values. Hence a clear decision was made to collaborate with lay professionals who have a respect for Catholic ethics and who are dedicated to the objective of efficient savings, both in terms of timelines as well as resources, which the quicker they are freed up can be used in other important Church activities. The sharing of these values protects the Church from those who are interested in more immediate gains rather than in building its future together.

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