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Convenzioni RE


The administrative director of religious or ecclesiastical organisations must be able to efficiently and carefully manage in an economically logical manner yet, at the same time, achieve true solidarity objectives. Management must be geared towards efficiency and rational economics. Efficiency in order to achieve charity goals; rational economics in order to obtain them with the least possible waste of resources.

Today solidarity has taken on a new form in its need to respond to a society characterised by excessively rational economic behaviour. Among administrative personnel of religious and ecclesiastical organisations there has thus grown an always stronger conscious understanding of the need to take on their responsibilities with a high degree of qualified expertise.

With the extreme economic rationalisation which has been tearing apart the non-profit sector, the weak have found themselves in a state of grave contradiction. However a balanced, rational system can also be utilised to its maximum in order to defend and perpetuate Christian values.

For these reasons the criteria for careful and proper administration cannot negate the opportunities the economic world offers religious and ecclesiastical organisations. In this way these same criteria, no longer in conflict with religious vocation in the path towards spiritual perfection, are at the heart of the effective carrying out of charity work and assistance to others. Social services, in other words, remain sustainable over time.

It is in this spirit that Convenzioni RE began its very activities, as a guarantor to protect against the unscrupulous economic proposals being made by financial institutions.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, ruthless operators have created illusions and have left deep wounds by taking advantage of the good faith and generosity of those administering Church assets which, until this day, was preserved with parsimony and care by those who were responsible for this task.

The professionalism of the RE Group offers the right defence mechanisms.

Hence Convenzioni RE proposes itself to Church leaders as a travel companion in search of maximum advantage and the correct interpretation of market conditions.

The Convenzioni RE Agreement is the first of a series of products developed by Convenzioni RE. It aims to attain the most favourable banking conditions in interest rates, investments, financing, and insurance and financial products; all this is possible thanks to the strong ties developed with the principal Italian banks.

Through their participation religious and ecclesiastical organisations have become a true purchasing group characterised by a strong synergy which grants them great negotiating power; they form a group capable of changing the rules of the game and able to constrain banks to offer the most favourable banking conditions.

The participation of religious and ecclesiastical entities in the Convenzioni RE Agreement is based on the respect RE administrators have for the patrimony they manage on behalf of the whole religious community to which they are dedicated.

The Agreement continuously adapts to the timelines and needs of the organisations in order to offer them a series of opportunities and modern credit management services based upon firm ethical principles.

Convenzioni RE also suggests agreements with companies which can offer religious and ecclesiastical organisations any type of product or service under the most favourable conditions.

The agreements signed with companies offer great advantages. The saving of our daily bread can therefore produce more bread for those who have none. For the professionals at Convenzioni RE, all of whom aspire towards Christian principles, it is above all else a moral responsibility to avoid unnecessary waste of precious resources in order that they may be directed towards those less fortunate.

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