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Pubblietica is a newly borne company of the RE Group dedicated to selling of advertising space in publications of Catholic interest. This new idea is the first serious attempt, in Italy, to construct a consortium of publications which, in reaching a vast readership, may be of interest to advertisers.

The intent of Pubblietica is to follow the path which the RE Group is laying out in the financial field: "ethics" which is already being applied to open common funds and in a short while to a real estate investment trust; in great respect for the values of the Catholic Community, which is united in the desire to contribute and participate in the many publications which communicate a Christian message.

Pubblietica also has a department exclusively dedicated to finding sponsors to support special events or new product development (books, videos, CD).

Pubblietica already acts as the advertising representative for a series of Catholic publications, among which L'Osservatore Romano, Il Corriere delle Opere, IL CONSULENTE RE, About.

Piazza Cavour, 3 - 20121 - Milano - Italia - tel. +39 02 62619.1 - fax +39 02 29008924
Via G. G. Belli, 122 - 00193 - Roma - Italia - tel. +39 06 32813200 - fax +39 06 32813201