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IL CONSULENTE RE is the monthly magazine of the RE Group. In publication since July 1989, it is created and managed by the publishing company of the RE Group. The RE Group is comprised of diverse companies which, in offering consulting and services in their specific area of expertise, together provide ongoing assistance and support to the Italian Church community

IL CONSULENTE RE, the only publication of its kind in Italy, reaches religious and ecclesiastic directors who manage the economic and financial aspects, approximately 65’000, related to important health, education, hospitality and religious tourism initiatives taking place in the Catholic community. IL CONSULENTE RE is not simply an information magazine of RE Group activities: it also provides interesting reading on culture, current events and literature.

In depth analysis is also found in NEWS Opportunità & Convenzioni - a consumer magazine insert of IL CONSULENTE RE - which provides important information on the favourable product offers and conditions which selected banks and companies offer Religious and Ecclesiastic organisations.

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