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The modern-day pilgrim lives a very different reality than that of the wayfarer cited in many medieval stories. The organisation of a pilgrimage carries with it a series of dangers. The goal of travelling for the faith stills remains the same: it is a spiritual journey rather than a geographic itinerary. And to live it to its fullest a concrete guide and a well prepared travel itinerary are certainly required.

The choice of stops along the way need to be properly studied.

The service standards of the hospitality industry towards pilgrims merely serves to smother the enthusiasm of the voyagers who are on a spiritual quest to live and breathe the wonders of the faith.

Retravel is a tour operator specialising in religious travel and tourism for the pilgrim community offering worldwide travel itineraries and guided tours to Christian sanctuaries and monuments. To fulfil this task, Retravel collaborates with priests qualified in the tourist sectors. They are always available, upon request, to act as a spiritual and cultural guide throughout the journey explaining the religious background of the treasured places which those who live in far off lands almost never have the chance to grasp in their full splendour and glory.

Retravel offers the comfort and security of meeting and being amongst people who understand and share the same pilgrimage objectives. The pilgrimage provides therefore the security to live up to the challenge of the experience one has chosen, in the welcoming spirit of those who await their arrival. The serenity of the experience provides the right way of walking the path along many unknown itineraries.

Along with understanding the great sanctuaries of the faith, Retravel highly recommends a voyage towards the discovery of those often less frequented places which possess a special fascination and charm and which bespeak of the great value of communal living.

Retravel collaborates with those who promote strong group-building events as is the case with pilgrimages, and who are at the service of organisers, often overwhelmed by thousands of preoccupations, to discover unique places, both great and small, and to achieve a greater understanding of the charisma of orders and congregations.

The full experience of visiting the wonders of the faith is also an opportunity to enter into direct contact with a true religious lifestyle, the fruits of which are a labour of love borne of local traditions and which, for the pilgrim, must be experienced in order to live the true spirit of catechism. In the full respect of today’s travellers and of those who host them.

With respect to the average operator, the uniqueness of Retravel is found in its ability to propose, in addition to its traditional hospitality, spiritual guide services which offer pilgrims support and fulfilment in their profound religious quest.

Retravel provides professional support to religious and ecclesiastic organisations in the form of travel packages and services targeted towards individuals, groups or whole communities.

With a Christian spirit and in the true light of faith towards pilgrim travel requests in Italy and throughout the world, Retravel operators co-ordinate and manage a variety of integrated travel, tourism and hospitality services: vacation homes, holiday residences, restaurants, catering companies, religious tours and religious travel guides including full assistance in the co-ordination of transportation plans.

Due to its highly experienced staff who for years have worked in this field, Retravel has developed a very strong background and expertise in Catholic tourism.

With full peace and tranquillity in mind, every travel itinerary is sensitively planned in sacred respect for those who are fulfilling an important spiritual calling. Each sanctuary visit is lived in its full symbolic meaning: a catechism and journey of physical and geographic dimensions, which in effect becomes an important path towards true spiritual growth, a harmoniously lived passage thanks also to the presence of true witnesses of the faith, the religious representatives who in grace take host of the daily pilgrims. A true testament which will remain infinite in the memory of those who visit the House of the Lord.


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