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Study and knowledge are two areas where the Church has always distinguished itself. In-depth analysis and reflection induce free and responsible choices. To know is one of the great ambitions of humankind to which God has bestowed the tools to grow in knowledge and understanding.

In the management of their properties, religious and ecclesiastics often find themselves facing difficult choices which can greatly impact the future of these treasures, fruits of Providence.

The conscious choice, in every aspect of our lives, results from careful consideration and the avoidance of errors. SERVER, research centre and a consulting company of the RE Group, is an important player in the decision-making process.

Whoever is found in the position of managing the Communityís properties and assets has a serious commitment at hand; the objective to preserve them on behalf of the Community to which the properties belong to, which, since the beginning, has always recognised in them the roots of its own existence and the most important moments of its history.

SERVER, remaining close to those who need professional support and solutions in order to make wise management decisions, has organised itself in order to also involve academic specialists in the process; an important support tool for the Church capable of advising on the unique needs of each organisation, in relation to the opportunities which arise.

The Church has forever responded to the needs of the Christian Community ever since the request for help, hospitality, healing and even food has been asked of its goodness.

Today the Church still finds itself in front of these necessities. SERVER provides the professional support needed to suggest and to project future prospects.

SERVER operates with full discretion proposing solutions which consider, along with economic criteria, moral principles to protect the goods and assets which others have taken care of in the past.

What is created is a reciprocal collaboration primarily built upon human relationships and faith. SERVER is, in fact, an open centre for study and a consulting company. This signifies that the people called to make important decisions are well informed on the feasibility study.

Hence SERVER is proposing the positive development of the Church and its patrimony. To do so it adopts scientific methods and analytical tools which help the organisationís representatives throughout the decision-making process.

The settings which host the numerous activities of the Church are a Gift to the whole Community; they are real estate assets, in the large majority of cases, of great prestige; but they are also the small nooks and crannies which have been longstanding witnesses of the faith of those who live and visit them. The Church has always demonstrated its deep commitment to ensure its most opportune use.

The choice of letting go of the places and properties which have made up part of Church history, for example, brings with it the difficulties associated with the emotional ties of those who live or have lived in these homes. The respect for these aspects is very clear. The decision to sell or purchase a property of this genre requires freedom from the market distractions which often lead to quick-based decisions.

With this, SERVER is able to bring together appropriate demands and offers. Consulting advice privileges the reciprocal needs of religious and ecclesiastic organisations in search of facilities appropriate for their activities.

SERVER completes feasibility studies to determine the best destined use of real estate to be re-converted or built ex-novo and which appeases both to the charisma and to the expected economic return of these settings (clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, holiday residences and many other activities).

The intervention in the financial management supervision of the assets offers significant savings opportunities. The support offered by SERVER is always discrete and functional, never imposing.

Management control allows for the creation of a system of constant verification on the part of those who represent the institutions. In this way the administrative staff of religious and ecclesiastic organisations can evaluate the earnings-cost ratio of the activities at any moment.

The collaborative approach developed by SERVER also grants the possibility to organize training courses. The themes covered are the principles of balance sheet and management control, investment valuations and the information systems which allow to manage and prioritise the most important information. The courses are based on an interdisciplinary approach guaranteed by the participation of diverse professionals from the SERVER work team.

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