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A respect for the treasures of the Church and towards the Christian Community which has always taken care of them, is found in the daily actions which signify keeping intact much more than the symbolic value of the places where Christians have lived, and continue to live, throughout the ages.

All these places and settings, testimony of decades of Christian religiosity, perpetuate the convictions of those who live in observance of a charisma, a fruit of the history of men and women who have contributed to building the Church since its dawn.

It is in these very homes and buildings that past, present and future have come together.

Today, in the computer age, modernity enters into these places with the same goal of contributing to the enduring Christian legacy by helping to maintain its facilities and structures.

The commitment of Tecnodir, affiliate company of the RE Group, is to apply and adapt the company’s modern technical expertise to the prestigious treasures of the Church without changing or losing their historic and artistic values.

Technology creates savings. Today modernity offers wide opportunities.

Prudent cost management benefits the whole community. Close attention to issues which could create savings must be paid to even the smallest functions vital to running a house which often, hidden in the cavity wall, cannot be seen but weigh heavily upon the balance sheet of religious and ecclesiastic organisations.

The ability to offer hospitable environments needs to be coupled with a strong capacity to eliminate the useless waste of energy and resources which many others do not have and which must be protected in the name of fundamental Christian principles.

Heat, light, water are elements which have always been found on Earth but which today human beings have realised that there is less and less to go around. The lack of which is due to an uncontrolled use of precious resources.

Modernity has created new needs, more often linked to the world of communications which require the installation of equipment interconnected by a highly intricate cable network. And over the years even ecological initiatives have proven to produce unhealthy outcomes due to the indiscriminate use of noxious materials.

Based on these principles Tecnodir can interpret and merge the needs of a modern world and of religious organisations.

The value of light, of heat and of energy goes well beyond the economical figure. The respect towards our resources is an opportunity for reflection. These are values which go side by side to safety – the latter must be guaranteed to whoever is a guest at someone else’s home.

Close attention to the efficient functioning of equipment also provides a guarantee of safety and security of those who live in a setting; a commitment which those whose responsibility is to manage a building must consider among the highest of priorities also given that equipment is always subject to rigorous safety and prevention regulations.

Tecnodir specialises in equipment installation for large buildings and for heritage and artistic buildings requiring unique project interventions; for over 40 years satisfying any request for the production, installation, service and maintenance of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, fire prevention, gas, electrical, hydro and sanitary equipment.

These are all essential functional aspects required for efficient management of Church structures and activities. Tecnodir offers expertise and support in diverse ways: in a consulting capacity to identify and advise on the most appropriate methods, instruments, timelines and suppliers to complete a project, or with direct technical intervention and installation.

The savings which are attained using Tecnodir technology are also the result of a detailed analysis during the purchasing phase. Tecnodir selects the most convenient solution available on the market, thanks also to the strong know-how of all equipment and systems manufacturers.


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